Psilocybe mexicana is a psychedelic mushroom. Its first known usage was by the natives of Central America and North America over 2, years ago. This species was categorized by French botanist Roger Heim. It was from this species that Dr. Albert Hofmannworking with specimens grown in his Sandoz laboratory, first isolated and named the active entheogenic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. Uncertain of whether or not the artificially cultivated mushrooms would retain their natural psychoactive properties, Dr.

Hofmann consumed 32 specimens. The following is his account of the experience, published in his classic text, The Botany and Chemistry of Hallucinogens :. As I was perfectly aware that my knowledge of the Mexican origin of the mushrooms would lead me to imagine only Mexican scenery, I tried deliberately to look on my environment as I knew it normally.

But all voluntary efforts to look at things in their customary forms and colours proved ineffective. Whether my eyes were closed or open, I saw only Mexican motifs and colours. When the doctor supervising the experiment bent over me to check my blood pressure, he was transformed into an Aztec priest, and I would not have been astonished if he had drawn an obsidian knife. In spite of the seriousness of the situation, it amused me to see how the Germanic face of my colleague had acquired a purely Indian expression.

mexicana truffles

After about six hours, the dream came to an end. Subjectively, I had no idea how long this condition had lasted. I felt my return to everyday reality to be a happy return from a strange, fantastic but quite really experienced world into an old and familiar home. This mushroom is in the section Mexicanae. Other mushrooms in this section include Psilocybe atlantis and Psilocybe samuiensis.

Ramirez-Cruz et al. Psilocybe mexicana may form sclerotiaa dormant form of the organism, which affords it some protection from wildfires and other natural disasters.

Psilocybe mexicana Solitary or in small groups among moss along roadsides and trails, humid meadows or cornfields, in particular in the grassy areas bordering deciduous forests.

Fruiting takes place from May to October. Like several other psilocybin mushrooms in the genusPsilocybe mexicana has been consumed by indigenous North American and Central American peoples for its entheogenic effects.

In the Western world, sclerotia of Psilocybe mexicana are sometimes cultivated for entheogenic use. The sclerotia have a lower content of active substances than the actual mushrooms themselves. Since Albert Hoffman isolated Psilocybin and psilocin inmembers of the scientific community have begun researching what effects these types of serotonergic compounds have on varying parts of the mammalian brain.

Inresearchers from Showa Pharmaceutical University conducted a study using 5-HT2A agonist and Psilocybe mexicana dereviative, Psilocinto test for levels of varying neurotransmitters in specific brain regions.Sclerotia mexicana are also known as truffles or Philosopher's Stones. One of the biggest differences with other mushrooms is the ability of the Psilocybe mexicana to form sclerotia beneath the mushroom. This is the part that contains very high concentrations of psilocybin.

These mexicana truffles are a bit larger than those produced by other mushrooms, but the effects are the same. All species of psilocybin-containing truffles and mushrooms produce similar effects, depending on the environment and the people you are with, and of course the dosage. The mexicana truffle eater notices a rapid change in the perception of ordinary reality. This often comes down to a good series of laughs. This cheerful start soon transcends into confused feelings.

This is due to reality looking so different, your mind just cannot grasp it anymore. As the outer confusion intensifies, the inner visions best seen in a dark room become clearer.

The nature of the trip depends upon the person taking it and the mood or state of mind that person is in. So your experience could very well be quite different from what you read here or hear from other people. The trip takes about 6 hours and wears down gradually.

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The interval between hallucinations gets longer, until they disappear completely. DMT is one of the strongest visionary psychedelics, which occurs abundantly in nature trees, grasses etc. Although the body can handle psilocybine quite well, the mind can get quite confused, which is why mexicana truffles must be taken in a safe, familiar environment, preferably with a sober sitter nearby.

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Take 5 to 9 grams for a normal trip and 10 to 15 grams for a strong trip. Please note: it is possible that during the shipping process the stones dry a little bit.

10 grams – Mexicana – Magic Truffles

This decreases their weight. But don't worry: the remaining truffles are just as strong as the dosage mentioned above.Display all pictures. Brand : Mycologics. Reference: MTMex Condition : New product. Availability date:. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.

Quantity :. Add to cart. The Mexicana truffle is one of the best-known varieties. During a fast growth period of weeks, this species forms large sclerotia.

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The Mexicana contains a relatively low concentration of psilocin, in addition to a reasonable concentration of psilocybin. Because psilocybin is converted to psilocin in the human body, the effects will gradually kick in. This makes the Mexicana the ideal variety for beginners. Haven't tripped in 20 years, so I was careful not to go too strong. I ate 10g last weekend and they came on after an hour. The trip was light and very enjoyable and I felt in control.

I went into a really nice positive dream for about 15 minutes and could see colours and spirals when I closed my eyes. They mostly wore off about an hour later, with a light come-down for about 3 hours.

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Fully recommended for beginners or old school trippers coming back in. Had them once, they are a good start to begin with, start with 5g and chew so you can get an impression of how you react! For beginners the best.

Psilocybe Mexicana

I had my first trip with 10 grams of Plisocybe Mexicana. I quite enjoyed it though the trip could have been a bit more intense. But then again there's a reason why it's called a starter pack. Pros Very euphoric Some closed-eye visuals Cons Mild nausea. Provati ad Amsterdam 1 anno e mezzo fa, al di la dell'esperienza favolosa volevo piu che altro puntare sulla qualita' del sito e sulla velocita' di spedizione: Sono arrivati in soli 2 giorni pur dovendo attraversare 4 paesi UE, e calcolate che li ho ordinati in un giorno festivo!

Soddisfattissimo, 5 stelle!JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Posted under: Know Magic Truffles. Mexican Trufflesor Psilocybe Mexicana, is a well known hallucinogenic mushroom.

It comes from North America and was consumed already years ago by the Aztecs in their spiritual rituals. They called it "meat of the gods" or "god's mushroom". It was in this fruit where Albert Hofmann discovered the Psilocibina, the chemical compound responsible of its psychoactive effects. It is a very estimated mushroom with soft, warm and happy effects.

Magic Truffles Mexicana 15 grams

Both in mushroom and in truffle, it is a very soft variety of hallucinogenic mushroom, specially recommended for beginners psychonauts or curious people. The Psilocybe mexicana truffles are a middle-soft hallucinogenic mushroom.

The effects of fresh magic truffles are lightly present at 5 grams a dose. From 10 grams to 15 grams most users get strong effects. These may be different for each person, and depend from different things like metabolism. Always start with a low dose. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Truffles can be eaten or used as a tea. But some people can feel nausea doing it or just dislike the flavor. It makes the consumption more bearable. Crush the truffles as most as possible, and mix them with warm water.

HERE we explain in detail how infusions are prepared. It is important that the water is warm, but do not boil it. You can use honey to make the tea sweeter, but do not use sugar. The effects of the Psilocybe Mexicana are soft and kind. Most users get a pretty differently perception of reality after only 5 grams of these truffles, and notice the effects approximately 15 minutes after consuming it. With Mexicana Truffles you may get mild visuals, slightly sharper senses and a social notion will make you feel well, funny, confused, or weird.

mexicana truffles

On many cases consumers will be able to experience visual hallucinations, with opened and closed eyes: changes in the visual perception of shapes and colors, depth of field, as well as visions of fractals. The effects also promote the creativity and the original thoughts, with trends to get social and the interchange of ideas.

Always read our responsible use page. This entry was posted in Know Magic Truffles and tagged mexicanmexicanatrufflesmagic on February 28, by mickmycelium.Weight: 15 grams. You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this product.

The Psilocybe mexicana has played an important role in the recent history of psychedelic mushrooms. The indigenous people of South America were familiar for thousands of years with the operation of psychedelic mushrooms, but this phenomenon has always been utterly unknown to the Western population. Only init was Albert Hofmann discoverer of LSDwho isolated and identified the substances psilocybin and psilocin in his laboratory in Switzerland. He did this with this species, the Psilocybe mexicana.

The mushrooms of the Psilocybe mexicana had been artificially been bred specifically for this purpose. The Psilocybe mexicana is one of the few psilocybin mushroom species, that also produces magic truffles sclerotia. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we can not offer mushrooms of this species, but fortunately, it is possible to sell the magic truffles of this species in the Netherlands.

mexicana truffles

Furthermore, there are two varieties of Psilocybe mexicana: Psilocybe mexicana A and Psilocybe mexicana B. A is the only one of these two, that produces magic truffles. Therefor the magic truffles we sell are of the Psilocybe mexicana A. The effects of the Psilocybe Mexicana are rather mild, but should not be underestimated at all. Most users perceive the reality pretty differently after only 5 grams of these truffles.

Mild visuals, slightly sharper senses and a social notion will make you feel well, funny, confused, sometimes weird. One tends to "think outside the box" and be more creative and philosophical.

All this is accompanied by a feeling of euphoria. Most users report this as being a fantastic adventure and experience - and not only because of the fits of giggles. Our overall rating for the Psilocybe Mexicana is 2. The Psilocybe mexicana truffles are the mildest in our range. The effects of fresh magic truffles are already present at a dose of 5 grams, but not very strong. From 10 grams on, we talk about a medium trip and a full pack of 15 grams results in a strong trip for most people.

Always start with a low dose. First effects are already being felt after minutes. The above effects are described in response to many users experiences. Nevertheless, the ultimate effects of magic truffles vary from person to person and strongly depend on the "set and setting".

Therefore read all our information pages about magic truffles carefully, so you can prepare yourself optimally. Do not use magic truffles in combination with other psychotropic medications. Do not use magic truffles under the age of And finally, of course, it is unwise to run a vehicle. The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation. Title : Too mild Comment : Too mild for me. Next time I take Utopia again.

Title : Microdose! Magic Truffles are also called 'Sclerotia' and 'Philosopher's Stones'. Just as Magic Mushrooms they contain a high percentage of psilocybin and psilocin. Read everything about Magic Truffles on our Information Pages :. Check out our wide range of Magic Truffles :. All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. They can be stored 2 months in a cool and dark place.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

mexicana truffles

Magic truffles or Psilocybe sclerotia from the Psilocybe Mexicana species. The active substance of the truffle drugs is equal to those of magic mushrooms: Psilocybine. A package contains 15 gram of vacuum packaged Psilocybe Mexicana truffles "Flesh of the Gods". When preserved in a cool and dark place these magic truffles will stay at least one month fresh see date on the boxso buying truffles in advance is no problem.

Magic truffle is a fantasy name for this mushroom species. It is neither a truffle nor a mushroom. Magic truffles are Sclerotia, grow under the ground between the hypha and are also called mycelium or shiro. Under normal circumstances mushrooms grow out of the mycelium but if circumstances are not favorable then the mycelium produces Sclerotia. This Sclerotia contains nutrients for better times. Some mushrooms also produce psychedelic psilocin and psilocybin which is also stored in the Sclerotia and those species we call simply magic truffles.

The Mexican truffle is one of the most popular magic truffles of this moment and very suitable as a first encounter with a mushroom trip. The Mexicana is known as mild species, which doesn't mean that the magical effect should be underestimated.

A truffle trip with the Mexicana is generally experienced as:. Magic truffles or mushrooms, such as the liberty cap, contain as active substance psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound from the tryptamine family.

The strength and dose is different per species and also depends on each individual's sensitivity, which is different in each of us. If you try sclerotia or magic truffles for the first time, better take half a dose for a normal trip.

If you have experience and you want a stronger trip, then take 10 to 15 gram of sclerotia. Do not eat previous to the intake, it absorbs best on an empty stomach and brings the best effects of the truffles. The magic truffles must be well chewed for a prolonged period of time and then swallowed. The taste is bitter and can sometimes give nausea in the first hour. After about 45 minutes the truffle trip starts and can take even up to 6 to maximum 8 hours.MushMagic has an extensive assortment of 10 different Magic Truffles sclerotia.

In addition to the well-known Psilocybe tampanensis, Psilocybe mexicana and Psilocybe atlantis, we also have some other exotic varieties. Our Magic Truffles are bred under professional circumstances and are freshly vacuum packed.

They can be kept and saved for 2 months in the packaging keep them cooled and dark. The Magic Truffle is a compact mass of mycelium that's grown through the rest of the mycelium of the mushroom. Mycelium is a mold that's found in the soil where the mushroom is in actuality, the fruit of the mycelium. Just like shrooms, Magic Truffles also contain the psychoactive compounds Psilocybin and Psilocin and have the same effects. The official name for Magic Truffles is "sclerotia" and are also named "Philosopher's Stones".

Read more about Magic Truffles on our Information Pages. With MushMagic, the quality is paramount. Magic Truffles are seen by many as a "Gift of Nature" and we are in total agreement. We take extreme care in the genetics of the Magic Truffles, the entire breeding process, the harvest and the packaging of the Magic Truffles. Our belief is that this is the only way to ensure that the Magic Truffles reach the customer in perfect condition and ensure a memorable experience.

We find Magic Truffles very special. You probably do to. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with us. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, we will send the Magic Truffles discreetly. There is only a small sticker with the first 3 letters of the species name. There are no other labels on the packaging that specify what is inside.

Fortunately, Magic Truffles do not look suspicious at all.

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